So this is my very first post on my very first blog. I am very excited to begin this journey and see where it will take me. I am, as one would imagine, a millenial. For a little bit more detail, I am a middle class university student and a competitive athlete. I would say I am a pretty average person, and will have many experiences in common with many other millenials.

I want to start this blog for several reasons. Firstly I have many goals and there are many challenges with achieving these goals. If I can state these goals in writing, on a public place I will have more accountability and hopefully will push myself harder and harder. Secondly I have had many hardships and will have many more, life is hard and tumultuous. I would love to be part of a great online community, where I have found help, and I hope that posting some of my experiences can help others out there. Thirdly, I think it could be fun.  So lets get it started.

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