Here we go

Alright, this is going well. Second day and I have no idea what to say. Don’t get me wrong, I have lots of things I want to say, however they just don’t seem right for this early, so I think I am just going to talk about some of my ideas. There is lots I will talk about, here and there when things come up, but there are a couple things that I want to routinely post about. Here are my ideas so far.

Quest for Athletic Dominance: As I said in my previous post, I am a competitive athlete. Over the last few years I have gone from a local competitor to competitive at the national level. I have dreams and goals of competing on the international stage, with my greatest goals of world and Olympic champion. I have a lot of work to do, a LOT. Now as I’m currently just an anonymous blogger I won’t get into sport specific details and goals, also they may not be applicable to everyone. Each Sunday (I hope) I will post my weekly goals for the following week, and report on my previous weeks’ completion. Likely I will have goals for my weight workouts, special strength workouts, dietary goals, and anything else I want to achieve. I believe that this will keep me honest and push me to not just meet but exceed my goals. I will also post about tips and tricks and helpful things that I have discovered to help any of you with your fitness or athletic goals.

Journey to Financial Freedom: This is one of my other major goals. Firstly I do want to state that I understand money isn’t everything, and I don’t need to be wealthy or rich, but I don’t want to be living from paycheck to paycheck working full time (especially since this will directly interfere with my athletic goals). Don’t get me wrong I want to work, there are many career paths in which I would greatly enjoy to have employment. Financial independence means the ability to survive without a job if needed. I’m sure many of you have heard of passive income, and this is what I want to establish for myself. I will update once a month with specifics, and between those updates I will post about information I have found, and things I have found useful or helpful.

Also, I apologize for any grammar mistakes I may make, I’ll try to keep things concise and clear. It would be really helpful for me if anyone has comments, questions, or requests to let me know, so that I can improve my topics and how I write.



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