Master what you do

Study. Study to the point of exhaustion anything that you can, and anything you need to achieve success in your goals, desires, and life as a whole. I have very strong desires to improve myself, and have set very high goals to do so. However, setting goals and running through the motions is not nearly enough, so recently I have made decided to become a master of everything I strive to do.

For example, you cannot become the greatest soccer player in the world by only becoming physically skillful. You have to study the game, know the movements of the teams and the strategies and the history. You have to be mentally strong to beat the mind games of other competitors, and resilient to adversity and loss.

I have read some books on mental strength and performance, but unless I have read them all it is likely I have read too few. I want to increase my library of books on mental performance, and want to start reading and learning about strength training and programming, as well as recovery, nutrition, stretching, injury prevention, and an endless number of topics. I am going to not only limit myself to books, but I will watch YouTube videos and consult internet resources (filtering out unverified sources), and seek out in-person knowledge.

I will take detailed notes, file and keep in an easy to access format. Once done with either a book or a certain subject, I will try to condense my research into brief summaries and post them on here. This is time allowing, and with athletics and basically three different jobs, I am very busy so these may take some time to become regular, but if you bear with me it could very well be worth it. I will be focusing on athletics and financial information, with a variety of relating topics.

As always, support and feedback is greatly appreciated,  and I’d love to hear what you guys are going to try to master!




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