Goal Synergy

If you have read some of my previous blogs you know that I have many high goals in several areas of my life: Become a world class athlete, graduate university with a Masters and a Bachelors degree, and establish a stream of passive income that can either act as supplemental income or to live off. If I had just one of these goals, it wouldn’t be easy by any means, but it would be far easier. With three of these high goals, I have to be extremely careful to budget my time and keep any of these goals from interfering with one another, and even work together if possible.

Academic goals are quite important to me, however they don’t have the same urgency as the other two, so I have elected to take it a little slower, take a couple more years to complete my degrees so I can have time to train, to work, and my grades won’t suffer. Now I did go to university directly out of high school, and I do not regret that. With my planning I should be able to keep everything under control. I may have ended off slightly better taking a year off however, I would have been able to train slightly more, and worked more. The adjustment from a year off to back in classes would have been hard, and both grades and training could easily have suffered. So I do feel as though I made the right decision for me. I feel as though after this summer I will be equal academically, athletically, and financially as if I had taken a year off.

Financial goals are more necessities than desires, as money is unfortunately how the world runs. I would like to be able to slowly be able to lessen the time I have to spend working so that I can focus on athletics and academics. Currently in my athletics I still have a lot to develop- strength, speed, technique, body weight, flexibility – which means it is also a great time to really work on my financial independence since I am not at my competitive peak. When I near my peak I want to work less and less, as it takes a physical and mental toll. I will work as much as I can within the time not utilized by university or athletics.

Athletic goals are my main goals, however i can’t let them cause problems with my other goals. I can’t abandon studying to workout if I have an upcoming exam, or not take shifts at work in order to get in another practice here and there. That is the fact of my life, and my athletics, while most important, are also the most flexible. I can practice on my own if need be, and I can lift weights really at any time of day. I will still strive to meet my goals, won’t let this slip to the wayside, but I will not harm my other goals to make things easier.


Having all three of these areas with huge goals will push me to my limits. I will have to improve my time management and flexibility, as well as stamina, perseverance and efficiency. Every trick and improvement I make I will post on here to try and help anyone who needs it, and if anyone has advice that can help me, I would love to hear it. Thanks guys, and until next time.

Note: I apologize for the lack of posting last week, I had a competition over the weekend which I was focusing on.

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