Can travel ever not be stressful?

The more I travel, the better I get at it. Even after countless trips for competitions and vacations, however, I still have many stresses and worries in my travel prep and days. Whether it be by car, bus, train, or plane, man is travel ever stressful. My goal for myself is to become a master of everything, so I have begun to put together a plan to master travel. Now a lot of my travel is by air so some of these will only be applicable for air travel, but some can be used for multiple forms.

Travel organizer, or whatever they are called, is the first thing I want to do. A zippered case large enough to hold passport, cards, identification, boarding passes, printed pages (folded in half), you name it. Acquire one of those, and before travel (not the day before, except for boarding passes due to 24 hr check in restrictions and whatnot) compile all travel documents, reservation papers, itineraries, ID cards, some cash, and anything else you may need at hand. This allows everything to be well organized and easy to access, and prevents the need to clutter up your pockets which leads me to my second point:

Be ready for security before you leave for your house. With the travel organizer you will have no need for a wallet, so that’s one done. Comfy pants are great on a cramped plane, so comfy pants are good to go. Comfy pants don’t usually need a belt, so no belt removal necessary either. I understand that in the process of packing usually involves the largest/heaviest shoes. If you have the option, slip on/off shoes are great and quick. Sweaters are very useful to wear instead of packing, since they are big and clunky, but are usually forgotten to remove until security reminds you. take them off in line, and put it in your bag, as well as your phone. Have any laptop easy to access and then as soon as you get to the front of the security line it is a breeze.

Nexus. The topic of TSA security and all that nonsense makes many people stressed even just thinking about it. Nexus is an access program in North America that allows access to much shorter security lines, pre-check benefits in airports. I know several people that have a Nexus pass and it is quite infuriating to see them take an hour less time in the security line than me. So hopefully, in a few months, this will be me. Unfortunately I know nexus isn’t an option for everyone, however I am sure there are other types of pre-check options available for various countries, it may pay off to do some research.

“Leave” the day before  you actually travel. This is to try and take away that morning rush of did I forget this, or that, or everything I could possibly need!? You know what I mean, and if this doesn’t happen to you then there are a lot of people jealous of you. Back to this, I am going to try to pack completely the night before (as I always try to do) BUT pretend you are leaving the next morning. grab your bags, take them to the door, and pretend to leave. This is something I have not  done yet so take this all with a grain of salt, please. My thoughts are that I do this all of the packing I need to have done will rush through my head and I will check, and ensure that I have everything I need. I’m trying to get rid of this morning panic that never really fades.
With all of these, I hope that I will have much more relaxed travel experiences. I will potentially edit and add more if I feel there’s more. If and of you out there have anything you do when you travel to make it easier, let me know! I would love to hear all kinds of ideas. Anyways, until next time.


2 thoughts on “Can travel ever not be stressful?

  1. Cool post, even though I don’t travel that much (once or twice a year) I do the following before leaving.
    The week before: start collecting miscellaneous stuff you need to bring on your trip, but you won’t need at home anymore. Stash your suitcase somewhere you can leave it hanging around for a week, and every time you think of something to bring, put it in your suitcase already.
    The morning that you leave: double-check phone, passport and money/payment cards. Anything else? You’ve thought about that for a week already, no added value if you stress now. Just leave, you have your identification and if you really-really forgot your toothbrush… just buy a new one!

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    • That’s a great idea, I often think of things to bring that early but forget as the time approaches. I would definitely benefit from that habit. Thanks!


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