Breaks, rest, and recuperation

As I was starting to write my first blog post in a while, about a month, I began the first sentence as “So I’ve been gone for a while, but back to it.” And I stopped and thought, I don’t want to blabber about excuses, but the reasons are valid for everyone so I’m going to write about it. Why have I been gone? I’ve been resting.

Yeah sounds lame, I know. But it has actually become critically important to me. Without breaks people burn out. I’ve seen it happen. Without rest, injuries happen. That has happened to me. Without recuperation you could lose your mind. To me all three of these things have a different meaning, but are all very important to me and can be applied throughout life.

Break: All of these involve taking a break, but in all different ways. To me, taking a break focuses on stopping the action. For me – my sport, lifting weights, university, or even smaller thing such as studying. You can always slow down or slow the intensity but in reality that isn’t enough. Depending on the length of time of the activity – such as a couple hours of studying versus a year of training for sport – the length of the break will vary. Just recently I took a three week break, after 11 months straight of training. If I study for several hours a fifteen minute break will do (please don’t take three weeks off studying during exam season). Shaking off the rhythm and repetition of a task I find very important. Your body has to take a break by sleeping. It takes time off by not doing what it does all day.

Rest: Rest happens with break already, but it can happen without as well. I was three years in, and this was my first year where I was competitive, actually quite so. I was doing well but had been increasing my training load for two years straight without a physical rest. I ended up winning a pretty notable local competition (for the 14-15 year old age category) that spurred my dreams and motivated me to push them as far as the Olympic Games. After that, my last competition of the year, I should have rested myself, but I continued practicing. Two practices after that competition, I hurt my back. Significantly, actually. Painful flare-ups for two years and still affects me now and then, even today. So I have learnt my lesson the hard way, and now I take breaks from my sport each year. I do the same for all aspects of my life, such as school and work.

Recuperation: Recuperation is the mental phase of my resting. Mental resting is incredibly important. I will be writing lots about how important mental aspects of performance and well being are. The more you do, the more you need rest, whether it is physical or mental or even emotional. Meditation, relaxation, enjoyable activities are all ways I aid my mental recuperation. Take the time to reset your mind.


I hope that some of these can help you avoid learning the hard way what to do. I will be expanding all ofese topics in the future, especially the mental aspects of life.

I apologize for my absence, and I will be getting back into posting regularly. I hope early next week I can post my financial journey update for month 2 (yeah a few days late). and from there on we will see what happens. If you have any thoughts or feedback let me know so I can improve. Until next time.

One thought on “Breaks, rest, and recuperation

  1. Good to see you’re back – not in the last place because you have a valid reason for taking your break. I look forward to your update and am quite wondering what your plan is (especially regarding the building of a passive income and your path to financial freedom) so I’ll keep on tracking you!


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