New Year, What to do?

So I started writing this blog in the summer of 2017, and made it through mid September.  I was really enjoying writing and interacting with the community, getting my thoughts out there and helping people. So as the year ended and I had stopped writing, I took it as an opportunity to ask myself some questions. Here are the questions I asked myself, and here are my answers.

Why did I stop writing?

Considering that I was really enjoying writing the blogs, what changed? Well yeah not a surprise it was university. I had never tried to be writing a blog at the same time as university before.  The previous years I had been able to balance life, university, and training pretty well, and I was thinking that I could continue to do so with a blog.  Each week it became less and less high up on my priorities and it eventually just fell out of my plans completely.


Could I have written?

Yes, actually, I think I could have, at least slowly. With forward planning, I could likely have written, maybe even just a blog a week or two, but I probably could have.


Did my not writing blogs cause my goal progress to suffer?

Yes and no. My financial, athletic, and academic goals weren’t affected, but my goal of writing consistently and helping people did.


Could I continue writing? Should I continue writing?

This is the tough one. I may be able to continue writing, it would likely be inconsistent but I could. I was feeling maybe I shouldn’t because I was not helping people, as I check my wordpress stats now and then and didn’t see any views.

However, when logging on not long ago, I saw that there were actually likes starting to come in. And more people following me.  So my writing was reaching people.


So what’s the plan?

I think I might start again, especially seeing that there I am reaching, and helping, people. It could be in a slightly different format and ideas and I want to see what you guys think.

  1. Create my own website and reset – 
    1. I would create my own website – Millennial’s guide to the Universe. I would have greater control of format and all kinds of things. Could start an email list and have better designed user interface. I could also start social media interactions like a twitter account. I would broaden my range, not limiting to the three categories of finances, athletics, and academics, and would talk about anything that comes to mind (except politics, don’t really want to get involved in that). I would try and write more concise, too, so some blogs may be shorter and more compact. A big advantage is I would likely begin by spreading some of my old posts from here onto my website, so through university I will have less writing to do and still keep consistent to posting to my website. This is probably my preferred, as I’ll broaden my range of topics and restart my blog fresh and 2018.
  2. Continue here, restart the financial freedom goals – 
    1. Continuing here has the advantage of keeping my fellow followers, as well as the blogs I have already posted are very useful. Restarting my financial freedom monthly goals gets me back into the mindset and not too much has changed (as I’ve paid for school recently and am basically back to square 1)
  3. Continue here as though nothing happened – 
    1. Just start it up and keep going, basically at month 7 now I believe.


If you’d enjoy seeing more from me let me know, as well as what direction you think I should pursue. If I come to a decision I will be sure to let you guys know.


Thanks for your support!

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