What if

I was asked a  deep question which has been in the back of my mind for the couple months since it was asked.  It has altered my thoughts perceptions on many things, and I wish I had felt this way earlier. It’s crept into even minor decision making, and has made me stop and think […]

Goal Synergy

If you have read some of my previous blogs you know that I have many high goals in several areas of my life: Become a world class athlete, graduate university with a Masters and a Bachelors degree, and establish a stream of passive income that can either act as supplemental income or to live off. […]

Master what you do

Study. Study to the point of exhaustion anything that you can, and anything you need to achieve success in your goals, desires, and life as a whole. I have very strong desires to improve myself, and have set very high goals to do so. However, setting goals and running through the motions is not nearly […]